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What We Do

Pennram is prized for its total in-house capability for incinerator design, fabrication, shop-testing, and ocean packaging of complete incineration systems including state-of-the-art instrumentation and control system to assure trouble-free installation and operation. Pennram has an excellent service record of assisting customers in coping with their changing needs. We provide overland and ocean freight services and on-site factory installation services to ensure the job is done right. And to meet the needs of customers, Pennram also provides specially-designed incineration equipment components for upgrading/revamping of their existing incinerators.

3000 Rotary Kiln

Incinerator Product Features

Standard Incinerator Uses
Standard Incinerator Uses
• Medical
• Industrial
• Municipal
• Animal Crematory
• Liquid
• Military
• Oil Field
• Construction
Fuel-Efficient Incinerators
Fuel-Efficient Incinerators
• Unit Capacities up to 6,000 lbs/hr
• Micro Units for Labs & Clinics
• Modifications
• Ash Removal Systems
• Waste to Energy Systems
Diversified Manufacturing
Diversified Manufacturing
• Wet Scrubbers
• Process Equipment
• Autoclaves for Medical Waste
• Conveyors
• Tanks