Introducing the Long-Life Pet Incinerator/Crematory Equipment by Pennram Diversified

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Why Replace Your Pet Incinerator/Crematory Equipment Every Few Years?

Pet Crematory Equipment is designed for small and large animals and pets, from birds to horses. Uses include veterinary hospital, commercial and Government applications, and private crematories. Reduce or eliminate costly Crematory Equipment service calls, repairs, maintenance and even replacements. Prevent complaints from neighbors about Crematory Equipment operation.

LLC50 Animal Crematory
LLC225 Animal Crematory

Long-Life Pet Incinerator/Crematory Equipment Features & Benefits

  • Pet Incinerator/Crematory Equipment has a large front-loading door for easy access
  • Heavy-duty steel-plate construction
  • Crematory Equipment has a totally leak-proof design
  • Structurally superior, high-temperature refractory or brick lining
  • Totally smokeless Crematory Equipment operation, even with plastic caskets
  • Fuel efficient temperature controlled modulating burners
  • Fully automatic operation of pet Crematory Equipment, including startup and shutdown
  • Heavy-duty industrial grade gas, propane or heating oil (off-road diesel) burners
  • Fully EPA compliant in all fifty states
  • Factory installation of pet Crematory Equipment is available
  • From 50 to 1,000 pound per hour capacities available
  • Single private Crematorys or multiple remains processing
  • Crematory Equipment sizes available to accommodate horses and other large animal remains
  • Twenty-five year design
  • Very low maintenance
  • Full Factory Warranty