Pennram is noted for its superb design and quality manufacturing of solid waste incinerator systems.

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Who We Are

Pennram manufacturers incinerators for waste streams resulting from medial, industrial, airport, oil field, construction camp, and municipal operations. We also specialize in incinerators for environmentally-friendly disposal of hydrocarbon-based liquid wastes, contaminated water, cooking oils, motor oils, and other liquid wastes. Plus, we manufacturer a complete line of Animal Cremation Systems, fixed modular systems, mobile systems, self-contained skid-mounted incinerators and containerized incinerators that exceed International Environmental Regulations.

The incinerators manufacturer by Pennram are in compliance with many U.S. EPA & EU regulations, meet World Bank emotion standards, and conform to DOD baseline environmental rules.

The combination of Pennram incinerators working with Air Pollution Control (APC) systems manufactured by Pennram & its APC partners, meet and exceed the most stringent U.S. EPA or European Union environmental regulations.

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Incinerator System Environments & Capacities

• Sub-Zero to Jungle Climates
• Sea Level to 9,000 ft. Elevation
• Tropical Breezy Island Ocean to Arid Desert Extreme Heat
• Over 50 Nations
• Solid Waste Incinerators: 25 kg/hr to 2,500 kg/hr
• Mobile Waste Incinerators: Up to 250 kg/hr
• Liquid Waste Incinerators: Up to 2,600 liters/hr (150 gal/hr)
• Animal Crematory Incinerators: Up to 1,000 kg/hr